Monday, 2 May 2011


Pisces is the sign of love. Pisces is an artist and a dreamer. They have the best creativity of the zodiac.
Pisces females need a man--a real man who protects and leads. Pisces like to seduce. Pisces may be the most sexually flexible of all the signs.Pisces likes to help other people especially those who need a friend or are lonely.They never looks down on people. They are humble.Their sympathy is infectious.Pisces is always reaching out to care.They never give straight answers.Pisces likes to help other people especially those who need a friend or are lonely.
they love to be dominated. Pisces needs to be held gently and whispered sweet nothings into their ear
Pisces loves the unreal and imaginary more than the real and mundane. Pisces are emotional, sensual and dreamy. They love all things unreal. 
They are polite but can be very aggressive when mad. Pisces is the most romantic Zodiac sign. Pisces never fear love. They love the romantic mystery of two soft bodies touching in the twilight Pisces wants the fairy-tale romance and happy ending.
Pisces  charm is that they are funny, and that is their real weapon ;). They will hide their feelings to help other people.
Pisces hate rules and regulations. They will be both everything you want and everything you do not want. Pisces will not fight against all odds but instead take the easy road. Why struggle? Just enjoy life.
When a Pisces is with you, they just want you to be happy.
When a Pisces is determined to make it work, they will make it work well.
They are also versatile and intuitive, have quick understanding, observe and listen well, and are receptive to new atmospheres. They  love to make life interesting and hate routines. They are drawn music & the arts and anything that alters the way they think.
Pisces love passionate kisses and a loving embrace.Pisces wants the kind of sex that drips with passion.They will light up your life with passion and romance. Pisces prefers sex in the dark. The wetter the love, the more passionate the Pisces. Pisces as the last sign of the Zodiac understands all colors of the sexual palette.A Pisces woman will not push her man but she sure wants her man to push her in a good way!
A Pisces may see you everyday and never speak to you but if that same Pisces see you in need they will be sure to help you
They cant help but feeeeeeeeeeeeel with their whole heart.They are physically and emotionally strong people. Their hearts turn to mush when they fall in love. Pisces is a great sign to sink your teeth into. It may be hard to grab onto a Pisces, but once you do you're never letting go.
Pisces has an equal chance to make it as much as a chance to fail.
Pisces end to give a piece of themselves to anyone they love, and get a lot of satisfaction from helping and serving others.
Pisces knows how to love unconditionally, and there is absolutely no limit to the height or depth to which they''ll go for you.
A Pisces will never take "No" for an answer.. If they see it, like it, its theirs!
They do well in jobs where they get to display compassion or where they get to utilize their intuition.
Its funny how Pisces are fish that live in fluid water but in real life we are the rock for others to depend.
They lie all the time. we say this is the last time but then we always end up forgiving the person. Our hearts are soft. Friendship to a Pisces is a sacred bond.
Most Pisces prefer or do better in situations where they're are small groups of people rather than large ones


  1. Very true.. It just made me teared up

  2. I love my Pisces guy, unconditionally loves me!!! Makes me LOVE him Lol

  3. This is me all day and everyday. I know people don't understand me. My ex didn't understand me. Instead she tried to destroy me.

  4. Enough said hahaha so true!